5 Nail Care Tips

1) Cut Your Nails After Your Shower or Bath

When you need to trim your nails, it's best to do it after they've been soaking for some time. They are more pliable and easy to trim without cracking. You don't need to specifically soak the nails if you don't have time, just cut them right after your shower or bath. They'll be perfectly ready to cut.

2) Push Back Cuticles

And when you're done clipping your nails, use a cuticle stick and give your cuticles a gentle push back. (Push, not cut.) This shouldn't hurt at all. If your cuticles are try and cracking, skip pushing them back and put a dab of cuticle oil on them every day after your shower and they'll be healed in no time.

3) Wear Clear Polish.

Nothing looks worse than chipped polish but everyone knows that a manicure doesn't last. Using clear polish gives your nails a smooth, shiny finish and even if it does start chipping, no one will be able to tell. A good choice would be a nail hardening polish, which if applied daily will harden your natural nail. We recommend you take your polish off once a week and give your nails a day break from polish. But during the week, if you notice some peeling, go ahead and reapply right over the peeling. Doing this once or twice won't be noticeable.

4) Nail Starting to Peel? Enter in Your Jeans.

If you notice that your nail is starting to break or peel mid-day, try filing it a bit on your jeans. No, it's not comparable to using a file, but you'll soften the edges enough to keep the breaking at a minimum until you can take care of it at home with your file.

5) Moisturize Your Nails

Your nails will get dehydrated just like your skin, especially if you're using nail polish remover on them on a regular basis. When you're putting on your body or face moisturizer, add a bit on to your nails, too!